4th of July healing tip

The Trail of Healing Continues

Pure healthy self love ❤️ is the foundation of a successful, prosperous, and happy life.

Strong foundation  will support the heavy pillars of  earning an honest living, continue to gain knowledge, work hard, have empathy for everyone serve everyone,  patience and fulfill other’s rights,

This person be able to resist temptations, stay humble, high thinking  live  simply life  the keys 🔑🔑to live free and full life.

Resenting anyone ,trace  of arrogance , hard feeling toward anyone  jealously, pride are like termites, if not  treated destroy the foundation. Watch for early signs and get treated before it is too late.

Any one can be like  Statue of Liberty 🗽 light 💡 to human kind just by having pure self love ❤️

PS: maintaining  & upgrading the foundation is most important task☝️

Happy 4th of July!