5/1/2018 Life Partner

  • Dear life partner

you are my real life partner, none of us live without each other.

From  my first beat till the very last is only only for you. If you listen 👂🏻  you will hear I love  ❤️ you with each beat.

You  are ignoring me  for a while, you are not exercising, not eating healthy as you used to.

you do not realize the daily pressure you put me under. It is getting too much. I am not worried about you, arrange to get a new heart ❤️ in case I die, I do  want you to live a full wonderful life. Asking you eat healthy and exercise may be to much to ask,  If you agree to do , my life will a honey 🍯 moon 🌝 I always dreamed  only death 💀 can make us apart.

your Heart ❤️

you are my only love ❤️I am living for you and will die for you 💐