5/4/2019 better half

women is  better half. I feel this is true. If man learn from the women , love ❤️ nurture and be a great provider , he can turn into the best man 👨

If man 👨 tries to make women the best part, he will turn into worst man 👨  and woman 👩 will  remain the better half.

If man 👨 tries to become better half, will turn into war with no end in sight.Women 👩alway be a better half.

if woman 👩 the better half  love ❤️ nurture and help the other half , other half appreciate and work with the best half , will turn into best couple.

If woman 👩 the better half , do her part and other half do not his duty, women will turn into best woman 👩

If woman 👩 feel she is better,  does not do her part  , will turn into worst woman 👩

If both  do their part they will be compliment to each other 1+1=11 the best couple.

Moral: It  is always better to be  better person than the better half

PS: each human being 👩👨 has a choice.