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MD 8/14/21

It was  MY Decision to be  a MD. Now  It is  my  decision  what kind of MD I want to be. Make  MONEY and worship  Almighty  Dollar. Be MERCIFUL   to Creation and   become Devine  Human being. *RN    means  Nurse  nurture  sick person and they get recovered. *LPN  means  Nurse    ocean of  love  , universal  antidote...


Beauty&Beast 6/15/21

Each human is 50% Beauty and 50% Beast. Each human has decisive vote whom he or she want to be. Self love ❤️ beauty kiss the beast and turn into prince and live a happy life. Without self love life turn into civil war. EACH HUMAN HAS A CHOICE.


PTSD 5/24/21

What is PTSD? P is post. What is T stand for. TRAUMA or  TRAINING? if it  trauma  I will become stressed and acquire a disease? very contagious ?and spread it. if it is training I will become strong ? and Devine ? and serve humanity.  


PTSD 5/23/21

. P.  Lear from PAST   T:   find the TREASURE S:  become SUCCESSFUL D: become DEVINE and server your purpose        


Love ❤️ hate ?4/28/21

If  I hate anything or anyone, I am hurting myself. If I love something or someone , I may end up hurting myself more. Only unconditional love ❤️ is true love. Love +hate = anti love is evil ?‍♀️ spell back ward  Live  means death  of quality of life . Everyone and everything is there...


Heel thyself

Devine Self Purification Center & Peace Garden Seven sin buster commandments for self purification 1) pray in secret like there is no tomorrow. 2) Work like it is worship, You do not  need money. 3) Take care of your physical, mental & Spirtual health like You will live for ever. 4)Every one is blessed ,...


Today is Life 3/16/2021

Birth of today is beginning of new life. Death of yesterday gave birth to baby today. I must recycle ♻️ yesterday which is raw material, and turn into the tools I need to nurture my baby  ?? today, to make it healthy and strong.  Otherwise yesterday’s raw material will turn into toxic waste, and  baby...


Peace 2/26/21

I discovered  the most peaceful man in prison. He told me all his need are met. Food shelter working toilet and safety . My heart ❤️ is my sweetheart and this is my honeymoon suite. I am thankful to everyone regardless what they have done to me, love and respect for those did good to...


Stages of ❤️ love

Falling in love  ?‍❤️‍?usually followed by falling out of love ❤️ followed by no love? and end up anti love ?? (hate). Suicide  murder or worse living unhappy for ever. True Self love ?  is regular exercise healthy  diet  good sleep,  feeding mind with positive thought, feeding the soul, with daily reflection, love for everyone...

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