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06/11/22 Peace with SELF

I  always  had  what  I needed , but I was unaware what I need to do  with myself. I  has many wants,  and  my  life become complicated . I  Start learning what I need to  do. Now I  know  I have everything  I need  and  know  what I need to  do and  I have  everything...


Vision 2/26/22

I have two eyes and see  two images. If eyes  do not agree, I can have double vision. I have only one heart and only  see one image  my perfect vision. PS: when in doubt I close  my eyes, My vision  become perfect.


COVID Love bug or killer BUG 1/15/22

Is  COVID  is  killer bug? Or  COVID is  a love bug? For  me  it is a love bug.  Forced me  to stay  away from everyone, spend more time alone, and   I made a peace treaty with myself. I am living in peace and life is  like honeymoon with myself  and  plan to  lived  happily ever...


Peaceful New Year

I was so wrong all along.I wished happy new year. Today I am peaceful and wish everyone peaceful new year.  Have peace with yourself and be on honey 🍯 Moon 🌝 till death   Followed by eternal honeymoon 🙏🏼


MD 8/14/21

It was  MY Decision to be  a MD. Now  It is  my  decision  what kind of MD I want to be. Make  MONEY and worship  Almighty  Dollar. Be MERCIFUL   to Creation and   become Devine  Human being. *RN    means  Nurse  nurture  sick person and they get recovered. *LPN  means  Nurse    ocean of  love  , universal  antidote...


Beauty&Beast 6/15/21

Each human is 50% Beauty and 50% Beast. Each human has decisive vote whom he or she want to be. Self love ❤️ beauty kiss the beast and turn into prince and live a happy life. Without self love life turn into civil war. EACH HUMAN HAS A CHOICE.


PTSD 5/24/21

What is PTSD? P is post. What is T stand for. TRAUMA or  TRAINING? if it  trauma  I will become stressed and acquire a disease? very contagious ?and spread it. if it is training I will become strong ? and Devine ? and serve humanity.  


PTSD 5/23/21

. P.  Lear from PAST   T:   find the TREASURE S:  become SUCCESSFUL D: become DEVINE and server your purpose        

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