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My life is a journey.I never was  , am, or will be alone. I have an invisible companion with me all along. I am getting aware of my companion and discovered that my companion is much wiser and start listening to my companion , take a moment asking my companion’s opinion before saying or doing...



Human brain 🧠 has 2 part Conscious mind , and unconscious mind. Unconscious mild control breathing, heart ❤️ beats and other important necessary activities to keep us alive. Conscious mind keep us aware what goes on in our life. Unconscious mind is lot more smarter than conscious mind keep reminding me to do the healthy thing...



After decades of being a Physician I  discovered root cause of  sickness. Lack  of  self love💜💜  is  the  root  cause,  if  left  untreated  it turns into  self hate 😰and is much harder  to  treat. If I have trace of  hard feeling    I  am sick  🤒and  need  treatment.💉💊 Love  💚is  home grown  product if  I  keep  producing   ...

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