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How much I love myself  or value myself  determine the quality of my life. My life is a happy heaven. I love everyone and learn and thankful to everyone,.Secret is I learn from other’s especially from my patients.


Evil 🦹‍♂️ 10/22/20

There is devil 🦹‍♀️ in me, and there are   devils 🦹‍♂️🦹‍♂️🦹‍♂️Outside of me. If I become aware  and  see devil 👿 in me and  tame , turn into watch dog 🐕. I will live peaceful  healthy and purposeful life.


Transformation 10/11/2020

My patients  🤕🤒are my teachers. One patient stand out a great inspiration. First time  2011. A young  lady 👩🏻‍🦰 contemplating sue side  was  on multiple psyche med  but not  doing well. History was horrible. Patient stated gowning up , my brother who  is 4 years older always very kind and generous To me Start playing...


Treating &Healing

Shoe  👞 repairman can fix the soles and repair the heels Physician  can heel the souls and Fix the bodies, hearts 💕 and mind. Devil intoxicate minds, hearts 💕 sick and bodies dysfunctional. PS:Devil is sending me more business than I can handle. It seems Devil 👿 is doing a better job, Humans need to shape...


Natural Disasters?or blessing?

I feel  natural disasters are blessings  forced us  to have new start, and build a new healthy me. Same  crisis  force us to see the new opportunities build a new  and improved me. each human has a choice 💐 PS: Natural blessings clean the human disasters to give human a second chance


Father’s Day 2020

My Father’s gift 💝 . As a father one thing I wish for my kids always have. is Self peace ☮️ I believe in being the change, I wish for  others. I have Self peace ☮️ because I saw my father had self peace, and  I choose to inherit it. Best choice I ever made....


Life Lesson 6/14/2020

More I see good in my patients in particular , and everyone in general, more I become aware of my shortcomings, home work for me and  my life become better and better 💐 PS: everyone is my teacher in general and my patients in particular✌️



Yesterday I lived a full day.❤️ Today I plan to have  fuller day.❤️❤️ Moving forward, 🙏🏼Reaching back. Staying together .👍 Nothing   left  behind💝 Living  a dream life. 😇


Anti Virus 🦠 cure

Universal antidote is to infest myself with love ❤️   bug 🐛 Love ❤️ virus is the  most powerful bug 🐛 Most powerful  but I must invite  love ❤️  bug 🐛 and  not only cure  all unhealthy things in me and I will be purified and will 💕 everyone , contact number 1 800 LOV-EBUG...

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