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4th of July healing tip

The Trail of Healing Continues Pure healthy self love ❤️ is the foundation of a successful, prosperous, and happy life. Strong foundation  will support the heavy pillars of  earning an honest living, continue to gain knowledge, work hard, have empathy for everyone serve everyone,  patience and fulfill other’s rights, This person be able to resist...


Secret of success 6/16/2019

in one study, group of highly successful people were asked, the three things that made them successful. Interesting  all of them  reported the one thing as number one.  Any one who will guess that thing correctly will receive $100 reward. Send your answers to Steelton Family Practice 239 S Front Street Steelton , Pa 17113


Brain 🧠 6/14/2019

Human brain  🧠 is most complex sophisticated computer known. Brain 🧠 need  constant updated , deleting old files to function well🌈


Self love ❤️ 6/12/19

Healthy self love ❤️ is peace ☮️ with myself. lead to have peace ✌️ with everyone. Unhealthy  self love ❤️ is anti love  form of narcissism, want to be better than others  basically civil war within and life become a battlefield. PS: signing a peace treaty with myself is first step , to heavenly life...


5/18/2019 Peace

If I  become  100%  self aware. If  I  review  my  whole life  ,review everything things  did, done to me and learn the  reasons and learn from  them. I will be able  to  initiate  peace  treaty  with  myself. This will be  the most  difficult task of my life. I  am  very tired of  civil war  with...


5/9/2019 love &resentment

If I resent  or love something or someone  , I am attached , that shapes my personality, and I  will become codependent  root cause of my sickness . I will mistreat myself, others and I will mistreated my patients. If keep learning, from everyone, everything including myself , I will treat myself, others , and...


5/5/2019 ✌️ peace

If  I have healthy mind and body, I will have self peace. I will see good in everyone ,learn from everyone love ❤️ everyone ,be thankful to everyone and my life will a honey 🍯 moon 🌝 If my mind or body is not healthy,  it will very hard to have self peace. I will...


5/4/2019 better half

women is  better half. I feel this is true. If man learn from the women , love ❤️ nurture and be a great provider , he can turn into the best man 👨 If man 👨 tries to make women the best part, he will turn into worst man 👨  and woman 👩 will  remain...

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