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Root Cause of sickness 12/3/19

Until the root cause is not diagnosed , sickness cannot be be cured. Psychotherapy is the truth game. If I am  brutally honest, I will be my best Psychotherapist and discover the root cause, and uproot the cause, new seed planted and build a healthy past to cure myself and live healthy life.   


Love ❤️ Business 11/24/19

Love is great asset.  I must know how much love I have, how much love I need, how much love I give, whom to give from whom I receive what I really need and whom I  give. If my love 😍 business is doing great , my life will be a honey 🍯 moon 🌝...


Learned Lesson 11/22/19

I treated everyone, as I want to treated myself,  but no one treated my as I treated them. I learned that I must treat myself, as I need to be treated so I become who I want to be. Then have empathy for others, and treat them as they wanted to treated, only if I...


MyPath 102319

I have a choice, be a shallow brook , loud  but  exist , and fade away. Or Or run  deep , no sound, carving my path in rocks, leaving behind beautiful canyons, leave my mark for ever, no one  know me, but I served my purpose . Choice is mine. 


Advice 10/14/19

The most healthy person Is the Physician 👨‍⚕️ Who act on the advise he give to others 👍 .  Ability  to act upon the advise, only possible if Physician have empathy, feel their pain ,  walk  with them, suffer with them, only way to heel themselves, help the patients ,  gain ability to be a...


Unit 10/12/2019

Each human is a unit like piece of  a puzzle 🧩. My mission Statement  is to know myself, and to find my place  in that puzzle 🧩 I I must be self centered, do  Self discovery, learn to serve myself well, more I invest into myself ,  I will be in more demand, more people...


Love ❤️ &fire🔥9/8/2019

LOVE ❤️ & FIRE  do not coexist  FEAR  🔥& FIRE 🔥 both burns ,FEAR  burns heart ❤️ ,FIRE burns the rest. Where there is LOVE ❤️  there is no fear ,no fire 🔥 only PEACE ☮️ Peace be upon all of you   


Quality Of Life 10/6/2019

If I ask myself a simple question how is my quality of life from scale 1 to 10? If it is not 10 why not? I am a very tiny fraction of a huge universe. With in this tiny  fraction there is  a universe much bigger ready to be explored  and need continuous building  and...


Bright/dark side 9/23/19

trail of healing continues Everything and everyone has two sides🌓 in different proportions 🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌕🌓🌖some seems to more one than other some seems having only one side. This perfect balance  make everything and everyone perfect. when I look 👀 into mirror I see two sides of me dark side and bright side , It is up...

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