Gifts 2/22/2019

The most rewarding patients are the one unaware of their sickness, but I see the sickness, and also see the power in them to defend their sickness  instead of curing the sickness .

how to use that force to fight the sickness instead of defending it.

I  realize  that  I    do  not  practice  what  I  preach, eat  healthy  exercise   sleep  well  but  do not  do it myself

When I  reflected   that  I  am unaware of my sickness  and  defend  my sickness instead of  curing  it.

I have to lay on the line to grow together with my patients.

It seems  we have to struggle together to heel ourself.

one thing I have  in common with  many humans is that I am afraid to confront myself, easy to blame others than to do soul searching and do self purification.

Thanks to my patients to give the courage to do so , so they see my walk, instead of my talk , which rarely works

They thank me  to heel them , not realizing they heeled me too

Like when father discipline a child 🧒 ending up suffering more, but knowing that father has to be role model and both end up victorious 🙏🏼

That remind me what Jesus said Physician thy heel self 🙏🏼