Transformation 10/11/2020

My patients  🤕🤒are my teachers.

One patient stand out a great inspiration. First time  2011.

A young  lady 👩🏻‍🦰 contemplating sue side  was  on multiple psyche med  but not  doing well. History was horrible.

Patient stated gowning up , my brother who  is 4 years older always very kind and generous To me

Start playing Doctor game with when I was 3rd grade and always  pay me telling me I am such a  good patient. I did  not quit understand but I was happy he pays me.

In 5th grade  he robed my  virginity and paid  me $20  and said this is our secret.

I become his sex object for several years. I become permiscous , At 20 years  I had lost count of my sex partners . I never felt  any guilt or shame, I considered it normal.I got into abusive relationship and my  life turn into living hell. I left him   and he threated me that he will kill himself if she left. and  control her from his grave.  He  did  killed  himself and left  her with guilt. She was  going crazy and even her mom blamed her for his death. We had  several visit  and I reminded  her that she is  a treasure   and  not aware of this fact,.  Other  people  were like pirates in their war ship  and she got robed all along and it  was not  her fault.
She was very receptive  and  finally moved  to another state and  I lost contact

after  6 years she contacted me and thanked  me  for my help. She shared  I realized  I am just a small drop in a huge ocean, but I discovered a toxic ocean in my drop , if mixed  with the ocean will get toxic .  .I needed  heavy duty detoxification. My brother broke the first line of defense, by taking  my virginity followed  by over decade of sex with him lead to all  kind of toxic actions. But  I decide to work on myself knowing I have toxic flesh rotten skeleton, sick heart and

dysfunctional  brain.   I STARTED MY SELF PURIFICATION   Hardest  decision and  work I  ever  did  and  it is ongoing.

She said I realized as you said I  am a treasure, My life  was  a bad dream. I decided to live today   I like the dream tomorrow. I   found a job  start school, and stay in state  of  worship 24/7, and kept all pirates with warship .  I discovered a beast with my worst enemy, It was most  difficult task to tame that beast to watch dog.

Today I am making over $100,000 / year  every day is like a sweet dream  add to my life  which is sweet  dream.