Heel thyself

Devine Self Purification Center & Peace Garden

Seven sin buster commandments for self purification

1) pray in secret like there is no tomorrow.
2) Work like it is worship, You do not  need money.

3) Take care of your physical, mental & Spirtual health like You will live for ever.

4)Every one is blessed ,  you must earn your blessing by serving them

5) You were born with this body, mind & ❤️ and stay together till death  make  you apart , You must love  yourself in sickness and health & your life will be honey ? moon ?.

6)You must love ❤️ learn and be thankful to everyone.

7) Stay in state of worship , You will stay pure save from all  evil  ?‍♀️ warships of sins, and will be able to heel thyself.??