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Dear Dr. Shaikh, MD

I want to thank you for your support, your understanding. You are more than a doctor your a family friend. Your wise beyond your years. Right now in my life I'm doing wel. I pray everyday to thank God for my blessings. I keep all negative energy away from me. I always remember one thing, be true to yourself that's the only way you can survie in world.
True Love
I asked Jesus "How much do you love me?" "This much," he answered. Then he stretched out his arms and died.

Dear Dr. Shaikh,
I'm so bless to have you as my Doctor. I learn how to love "me" first, once I started loving me then all things came together. I pray everyday, I Love god and he loves me too. If you just do the right thing and do the work god will help you find your way.

My son was so disrespectful and mean to me, so I prayed. but god sed him to jail for 2 months he's a change person. My son has a part-time job. He more calm now. Your book help me keep my life in balance.

May God bless you

Dr Shaikh,

You're book has taught me os much about unconditinoal love and forgiveness. Your ability to see the good in everyone has left a lasting impression on me. I've found myself troubled by wounds from the past unable to move forward and forgive. You're unwavering commitment to self growth and faith in people has helped me to release myself from anger and resentment in order to move forward. Through our visits and your teachings, I remember to see the good in people.

Strength comes through struggles and the more you struggle, the stronger you get. At the other side of every storm the sun still shines.

"Saw a bird walking to florida with tears in its eyes, my o my, you must feel like dieying since you were meant to fly!"

The world biggest tradgedy is "the truth"!

Dear Dr Shaikh,

Your words illustrate the immense dedication and commitment to growing oneself. Your devotion speaks volumes to me. When you say that we are our own surgeons, and we can onlly cast the knife upon ourselves, it reminds me of the intensity and self sacrificing we must do in order to continually grow as huma beings. Nothing good comes easily. Sometimes the deeper the cut, the stronger the reward. It always seems that even after the darkest times, we can emerge stronger, better and wiser. The goal seems to be learning from the pain. The school of knowledge has taught me that every day presents and opportunity to be better. Even when it hurts.

I discovered self love in my lonely dark cell.I discovered self love in my lonely dark cell.

L is the light

O open the eyes of my heart, and see the universe with in

V I become victorious first time in my life

E every day I discover new and improved me and prison is a paradise for me